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MPS C1 Expedition

Line: Booster C1

Booster C1 is recommended for CCR Divers and for uses where high flow rates are not required. Designed as Booster for sporting use, but thanks to its robust construction, it can also be used in the professional sector. The Booster C1 is built with an innovative system that significantly reduces air consumption during operation.

MPS C1 Expedition


  • Body: ergal, stainless steel 316, brass OT 58

  • Seals: fkm, ecopur, teflon, composit

  • Overcooled head and cylinder


  • Pressure ratio: 25/1

  • Drive air: 9-14 bar

  • Piston stroke: 1 x 40 mm

  • Displacement: 8 cc

  • Max boost pressure: 310 bar

  • Min suction pressure: 5 bar

  • Min pumping speed: 15 cycles/minute

  • Max pumping speed: 140 cycles/minute

  • Weight: Kg 3.3

  • Dimensions: 21 x 9 x H12 cm

C1 Expedition

Booster C1

  • Weight: 5.8 kg

  • Dimensions: 34x15x30 cm

Booster C1 has a connection for the pilot air with connector for Low-pressure inflator hose from regulator

and therefore it can be used to operate with any pressure regulator, provided it is calibrated with an intermediate pressure from 9 to 10 Bar

The " case" version is complete with hoses, pressure gauge and connections

( pressure reducer is only in C2 and C4 versions)

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