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The OPEN model is a high pressure booster compressor based on the efficient mechanics of the MCH 36 pumping unit. The control and command components, essential for daily operation, are arranged on the front panel with easy access.


Table for product type

To understand which product, proceed as appropriate.


Three-phase Electric Motor

Flow rate

From 15,5 m3/h (29 PSIG) to 36,6 m3/h (73 PSIG)

Operating pressure

232 - 300 - 330 - 420 bar

3365 - 4351 - 4786 - 6092 PSIG

Net weight

375 kg - 827 Lbs

Noise level

78 db

Electrical Cabinet (with hour counter)
Oil Pump
Pressure Gauge (interstage control+input pressure)
Input Pressure Switch (with automatic restart)
Automatic Condensate Drain
Thermostat (cabin temperature thermostat/auto shut-off)
Phase Controller (that prohibits reverse rotation)
Oil Level Check (switch/auto shut-off)
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