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The COMPACT air-cooled high-pressure booster is the ideal solution for compressing air, nitrogen and technical gases in the presence of non-atmospheric suction pressure between 2 and 8 bar. The ergonomic design offers optimal accessibility to the controls and the compact dimensions allow installation in confined spaces. Equipped with automatic condensate discharge and autostop and re-start function.


Table for product type

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Three-phase Electric Motor

Flow rate

From 2,5 m3/h (29 PSIG) to 21 m3/h (116 PSIG)

Operating pressure

232 - 300 - 330 bar

3365 - 4351 - 4786 PSIG

Net weight

163 kg - 359 Lbs

Noise level

74,5 db

Electrical Cabinet (with hour counter)
Pressure Gauge (interstage control+input pressure)
Input Pressure Switch (with automatic restart)
Automatic Condensate Drain
Thermostat (cabin temperature thermostat/auto shut-off)
Phase Controller (that prohibits reverse rotation)
Oil Level Check (switch/auto shut-off)
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